About Us

OxyClinic provides unique and comprehensive treatment plan and facility for children with autism (ASD) and cerebral palsy (CP), IN REASONABLE WAY AND ON SCIENTIFIC BASIS, WITH A CLEAR VISION TO BE NEAR ALL FAMILIES THROUGH GOOD INTERACTIONAL RELATIONS.

OxyClinic is the first clinic in Sultanate of Oman that is affording the treatment of autism, other autistic spectrum disorders, and cerebral palsy; we believe that autism is treatable, as a lot of studies were conducted in this direction, in addition to our staff experience and practice.

The core of our treatment is the biochemistry of the body, which indicates the responsibility of biochemical abnormalities for most of autistic features and symptoms, in addition to accompanied changes in pathways and immune system.

Before starting the treatment, we have to confirm the diagnosis through certain criteria, and to exclude other disorders that are associated with autistic features, through testing, then to go for clear treatment plan and care, which is discussed with family.

OxyClinic is staffed by trained and experienced personnel in evaluating and treating autistic kids.

Services provided by OxyClinic include:
• Evaluation /clinical assessment & diagnosis.
• Comprehensive lab testing (urine and blood).
• Diet consultation that is based on blood testing.
• Supplements treatment.
• Hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Our Services