Auditory Integration Therapy (AIT)

AIT is a modality of treatment that depends on modified music frequencies, according to clinical and symptoms evaluation, and it is effective in managing hearing issues.

It uses a high technology tools to reach a therapeutic effect through purification of voices and in allowance of hazards to be heard, in addition to control the random of voices.

This modality was practiced and studied over long years and passed in many stations of modifications till moment, to reach the maximum benefits asked, it includes a 20 sessions of training, and it will show improvements in:

General mood.
Decrease voices sensitivity,
Improve receptive and expressive languages.
Improve eye contact.
Improve abilities to learn.
General reception.
Increase concentration.
Diminish abnormal behaviors.

It is valuable to mention that this modality is very safe, with no any interventions or precautions.
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